Laboratory of Multimedia Systems and Technologies

The Laboratory of Multimedia Systems and Technologies was created at MIPT in 2015, while the main team of the Laboratory has been working in the subject area for over 20 years.

The team of the Laboratory includes not only graduates of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, but also graduates of the scientific schools of Moscow State University, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Pirogov Medical University and other Russian universities. The Laboratory works in close connection with the Department of Multimedia Technologies and Telecommunications, the base organization of which is Huawei, and closely cooperates with other large Russian and international companies and universities.

The Laboratory is engaged in digital processing and transmission of multimedia information (video, sound and other data). The advantages of digital processing and transmission of information are well known (improved quality, reliability, transmission speed, reduced power consumption, security, etc.).

Department of MIPT

The Laboratory has competencies in areas such as multimedia and IT technologies, programming and communications.

The Laboratory is actively recruiting bachelors, masters and postgraduates at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology for the basic department of multimedia technologies and telecommunications. A number of lectures and seminars are conducted by leading Laboratory staff.

On the basis of the Department, the development of hardware devices and software products is carried out according to international standards and original methods.

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