Educational process

The laboratory is recruiting bachelors, masters and postgraduates at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology for the basic department of multimedia technologies and telecommunications. A number of lectures and seminars are conducted by leading laboratory staff.
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The Department of Multimedia Technologies and Telecommunications FRKT was established by order of the rector of MIPT on November 17, 2014 at the Faculty of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics. The head of the Department was appointed Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor V.P.Dvorkovich, member of the expert councils of the Higher Attestation Commission and the RFBR, member of the Presidium of the RNOTORES named after A.S. Popov.

Nowadays the head of the department is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Corresponding Member of RAS A.V.Dvorkovich.

The subjects of study

Digital processing and compression of video and audio information:
  • digital representation of video and audio information;
  • statistical and perceptual redundancy of video and audio information and methods for its elimination;
  • principles and standards of video and audio compression;
  • recovery of compressed video and audio information and assessment of its quality.
Methods and systems for digital transmission of multimedia information:
  • principles of digital transmission of information;
  • source coding and multiplexing;
  • channel coding and digital modulation;
  • digital broadcasting systems: television, multimedia, sound;
  • transmission of multimedia content in telecommunication networks.
Metrology of video information systems:
  • measurements and control in video information systems;
  • synthesis of measuring signals, their distortion and processing algorithms;
  • distortion of images during video compression;
  • measurements in digital broadcasting systems;
  • measurements during the transmission of multimedia information in telecommunication networks.
The Department provides knowledge of the principles and foundations of functioning, modern systems and new technologies for processing and transmitting video, sound and other multimedia information. The Department has a research Laboratory of Multimedia Systems and Technologies.

The Department trains bachelors, masters and postgraduates only for the Russian-language program.

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