Our creative team under the scientific supervision of professors, doctors of technical sciences, Viktor Pavlovich Dvorkovich and Alexander Viktorovich Dvorkovich, has been conducting research and development for many years in the field of digital broadcasting, digital communications, as well as metrology of analogue and digital television and multimedia broadcasting metrology.

The core of the team has been developing since the mid 90s on the basis of the laboratory of the Radio Research Institute (now — FSUE RRDI (NIIR)). Now there are 50 people in our team, including young scientists and graduate students.

In 1997, a small research and development enterprise was created, within which the team continued to work in the above directions.
In 1999 our team took part in the development of a unique project «Street TV», which played a huge role in the election campaign of the President of Ukraine Leonid Danilovich Kuchma. The combination of broadcasting technologies and interactive video communication, created and debugged for a specific political purpose, turned out to be so successful that «Street TV» company continued its work at the end of the election campaign.

From 2002 to 2004 the team took an active part in the development of the satellite communications System project (ССС) «Primorets-01» by order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. A System of Digital Television Equipment (DTE) was developed for the System, which is still in operation, including for communication with the International Space Station. In 2004 the work was awarded the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology. The winners were Viktor Pavlovich Dvorkovich and Alexander Viktorovich Dvorkovich.
Since 2000, the development of a digital multimedia broadcasting system began «RAVIS» (Realtime Audio Video Information System). In 2005, the first successful tests were carried out, which confirmed the correctness of the chosen direction of research and the proposed technical solutions.

From August 2008 to February 2010, the team developed the Mobile Telemedicine Complex (MTMC) — a specialized video conferencing terminal designed for remote diagnostics and teleconsultation sessions in sparsely populated areas and during emergency response.

The «RAVIS» project was recognized as an important area of innovation in the field of high technology by the experts of the fund «Skolkovo» and the laboratory was included in the number of residents of the fund. Work on standardization in the field of digital broadcasting in the VHF range is carried out at the domestic level (5 national standards have been put into effect), as well as within ITU.
At the moment our team is actively participating in the Arctic program.

The team develops and delivers to interested organizations modern metrological equipment for both analog and digital television and multimedia broadcasting systems. Some of the hardware and software systems have no analogues in terms of their technical characteristics. One of them is used as a national measurement standard by the country's leading organization — 


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