The laboratory sets itself the main tasks:
  • solving applied problems in audio- and videoprocessing and transmitting multimedia data using artificial intelligence;
  • development of visual data compression techniques;
  • organization, maintaining and strengthening the reputation of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology as one of the world leaders in a number of important directions in the development of digital multimedia information.
The main areas of research and development of the laboratory:
  • development of video compression algorithms and devices both on the basis of advanced standards, and according to original techniques;
  • development of video conferencing systems and equipment for use in telemedicine, distance learning, emergency situations, etc.;
  • development of algorithms and systems for digital transmission of multimedia information;
  • development of metrological support for digital media transmission systems;
  • development of methods and algorithms for processing and analysis of biological signals for monitoring and predicting the functional state of the subject.
The laboratory conducts fundamental and applied research in the following areas:
algorithms and devices for video compression based on both modern standards and original methods;
systems and equipment for video conferencing with applications in telemedicine, distance learning, emergency situations;
neural networks and machine learning in applied problems of audio and video processing;
algorithms and systems for transmitting digital multimedia information;
metrological support of multimedia transmission systems;
methods and algorithms for analyzing biological signals in medicine, monitoring and predicting the patient's condition.

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